Some Thoughts on St. Patrick’s Day – It May Not Say “Irish” or “Ireland” but Sometimes it Is

So far as I know, there is no Irish blood in my family background.  But I think there’s a little Irish in most of us today.  I know that I personally enjoy following some St. Patrick’s Day traditions.  I always make sure I’m wearing something green, and usually listen to some Irish music.  I don’t drink green beer, but I occasionally have a lime margarita and it’s light green.  However, I doubt that counts as Irish.

This year I thought I’d expand the tradition some more and read something Irish.  Oddly enough a quick look through the books scattered around the house didn’t show anything specifically Irish. gave me what I needed, so I’ve downloaded a book on “Irish Fairy Tales”.  One of those stories will be my Irish reading for the day.

Then there are the old Irish movies on TV.  Whether good or bad, most seem to have the word “Irish” or “Ireland” in them.  However, none of them appeal to me today.  Instead, I’ve been thinking about that wonderful, old movie starring Jimmy Stewart, “Harvey”.  Just from the title it doesn’t sound Irish, but it has a whimsical, Irish feeling to it.  Then I remembered that the title character is a “puka” which is a character of Irish folklore.  That must mean more Irish connections to “Harvey”.  A search through a Wikipedia article on the playwright, Mary Coyle Chase, showed that she was born Mary Agnes McDonough Coyle.  It also said that she “was greatly influenced by the Irish myths related to her by her mother.” Well, you can’t get much more Irish than that.  So “Harvey” is my Irish movie for the day.

So with my Irish traditions intact and expanded for St. Patrick’s Day, I’ll end with some words from my favorite Irish song…“Good night, and joy be with you all.”


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