The Little Free, Wet Library

Little Free, Wet Library

Our part of the country has recently been going through bad weather, especially flooding.  Favorite running and biking trails in the nearby park are underwater.  That also includes the park’s popular dog park.  As we aren’t canine parents, I didn’t think about that a lot.  Then I remembered: the area’s “Little Free Library” is right by the dog park.  Does that mean the little brown box that contains books for sharing and exchanging is in danger of floating away?  Earlier today someone posted a picture of the dog park on Facebook, and the little brown box (circled in red) is still standing. It looks like it may be on unsteady legs until the waters recede, probably some time tomorrow.  It will probably be a few more days before our local Little Free Library is ready for an exchange of books, or before local dog owners can exercise their pooches in the dog park.  When things are back to normal in the park and the Little Free Library, perhaps someone will appropriately contribute a copy of “The Art of Racing in the Rain”.


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