A New Year of Reading

For the past couple of years I’ve set an annual goal of reading a certain number of books.  Each month I post those accomplishments on a LibriVox forum.  I didn’t set a goal for 2016, but ended up reading 60 books.  This year I read 55 books.  The smaller number was a little surprising to me, until I remembered that I didn’t finish several books.  Years ago I would have trudged through any book, whether I liked it or not.  However, I realize that I’m at the age where I’d rather spend my time reading something I like.  If a book doesn’t “catch me” in the first 50 pages, it ain’t gonna.

For a couple of weeks this fall I interrupted a lot of my personal reading time while searching for audio books for my mother-in-law.  Her eyesight is nearly gone because of macular degeneration, so she now listens to books via an audio book player, enjoying  recorded books sent to her from the state library.  There are infrequent gaps in between the books she gets by mail, so I decided to find books for her through the LibriVox website.  That way she’ll always have something to listen to.  I chose subjects and writers that I thought would interest her, ending up with 50 items on a flash drive, filling it just a little more than half.  Most were novels, some books of short stories and a few non-fiction, books.  There were also several old radio programs, compliments of archive.org.  She seems to be very happy with the items I chose.   I wasn’t reading very much for myself at that time but finding several items that piqued my interest, I made a copy of the flash drive for myself.  Listening to some of those items will be one of my reading goals for 2018.

For now my reading goals for the year are to find things to that pique my interest, tickle my fancy, and so on.  If something doesn’t appeal to me or touch me in some way, then I’ll go on to the next book, short story, article, or whatever.  I have 12 months of reading ahead of me, which is plenty of time to enjoy lots of books and to reach whatever reading goals I have.

Well, 12 months almost minus one day, that is…looks like I’d better get started!


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